About Us

About Us

We are a small group whose aim is to provide you with the best of The Bible resources. We have been learning about the Bible when we were kids, we learned from many resources. We learned from different Pastors, Evangelist, Bible scholars, and Books as well as the internet.

Now we are trying to the best of our efforts to provide you with best different Bible resources. We are using a simple language so that you can easily understand; we are even happy to tell you about Bible whenever you wish. For any kind of personal questions, you can visit our contact us page to send us an e-mail. You can even ask different questions, and our small group will surely answer you to the best of our knowledge.

We will do our best to prayerfully and thoroughly research your question and answer it in a Biblically-based manner. It’s not our purpose to make you agree with us, but rather to point you to what the Bible says concerning your question. You can be assured that all your question will be answered by a trained and dedicated Christian who loves the Lord and has desires to assist you in your walk with Him. Our writing staff includes pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, biblical counselors, Bible/Christian college students, seminary students, and lay students of God’s Word.

If you ask any question, our team will first discuss with each other than it will be posted at our site www.allaboutbible.com by deciding our answer, and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you regarding the post.

Here are team Members:

1.  D. George: Evangelist and Author  (aim is to spread the Word of God by all means) Runs his blog at Wtlm.org

2. Sana Khokhar: Our second Author   (loves God and wants to serve the Lord)

3. Vicky Joseph:  Support team

4. Robin Khokhar:  Tech guy. And also runs his Blog Named Tricky Enough and a website called Pixa Ocean.