How can Jesus be complete God and complete man
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How can Jesus be complete God and complete man

How can Jesus be complete God and complete man

This is the question which mostly comes to the mind of many people that “How can Jesus be complete God and complete man” so this is a small effort for me to explain you.

Jesus is the complete man as well as complete God because He came from the woman but was not the seed of a man. He is from the Holy Spirit as written in (Matthew 1:18- 23) and (Luke 1: 26- 35). When humans started disobedience to The God and rebelled against him, the Bible says ‘’ all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God ‘’(Romans 3:23). Our sins separated us from God because He is holy and in the Bible the wages of sin is death. God loved us so much, so he sent his only son Jesus Christ to the earth as the man. He lived a sinless life on earth and died on the cross to pay for our sins with his blood. Jesus took our sins in his body on the cross so that we could come to God (1Peter 2:24; 3:18). God sent his own son to the earth with the same human life that everyone else uses for sin. God sent him as an offering to pay for our sins, So God used a human life to destroy sin (Romans 8:3). He was like God in every way, but he did not think that he was equal with God and didn’t do something to use for his own benefit. Instead, He gave up everything and even his place of God. He accepted the role of a servant and appeared in the human form. During his life as a man, he humbled himself by being fully obedient to God, which even led to his death on a cross. So he raised him up to the most important place and gave him the name that is greater than any other name. God did this so that every person will bow down and will honor the name “Jesus,” everyone in heaven, on earth and under the earth will bow to Jesus. They will all confess,’’ JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, ’’ and this will bring glory to God the Father (Philippians 2:6-11).

 And (John 1:1) states that Jesus is the God because “in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God, as again Bible states in (John 1:14) that “the word became a man and lived among us” which proves that Jesus is the Complete God as well as complete man.

We saw his divine greatness, that belong to the only son of a father the word was full of Grace and truth. And before the world was made, God decided to make us his own children through Jesus Christ. This was what God wanted and it pleased him to do it (Ephesians 1:5). Only for a short time, Jesus was made lower than the angels, but now we see him wearing a crown of glory and honor because he suffered and died. Because of God’s grace, Jesus died for everyone. God the one who made all things and for whose glory all things exists- wanted to be his children and share his glory, so he did what he needed to do. He made perfect the one (Jesus) who leads those people to salvation. He made Jesus a perfect Savior through his suffering. Jesus, the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy does belong to the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters (Hebrew 2:9-11). But in (John 13:13) Jesus said you call me ‘Teacher’ and you call me ‘Lord’ and this is right because that is I am what I am.

Well, our aim is to tell you that Jesus was a complete man as well as God Because according to the Bible he was Sinless and pure being a man. And he was a complete God because he had command over nature and the devil, the verse (Matthew 8:23-24) states that when Jesus commanded the storm, the storm stopped and the verse (Matthew 17:18) states that Jesus had command over the devil. Besides these, there are many times written about the authorities of Jesus.

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