The Golden Lampstand in Bible
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The Golden Lampstand in Bible

golden lampstand

The Lampstand is used to give light in the dark. But the Golden lampstand in the Bible Represents the Holiness. It was to be set on the south wall of the holy place. (Exodus 26:35) says that “Put the special table you made outside of the curtain. The table should be on the north side of the holy tent. Then put the lampstand in the south on the south side, across from the table.”

How Golden lampstand Looks:

The first lampstand is mentioned in (Exodus 25:31). The shape of lampstand in the bible “Then you must make a Golden lampstand. Use pure gold and hammer it to make the base and the shaft. Make flowers, buds and petals from pure gold. Join all of these things together into one piece. The lampstand must have six branches- three branches on one side, and three branches on the other. Each branch must have three flowers. Make these flowers like flowers of almonds with buds and petals. Make four more flowers for the lampstand. These flowers must also be made like almond flowers with buds and petals. There will be total six branches on the lampstand- three branches coming out from each side of the shaft. Make another flower with buds and petals below each of the three places where branches join the shaft. The whole lampstand with flowers and branches must be made from pure gold. As, all this gold must be hammered and joined together into one piece. Then make seven lamps to go on the lampstand. These lamps give light to the area in front of the lampstand. Use pure gold to make the lamp snuffers and trays. Use 75 pounds (34 kilos) of pure gold to make the lampstand and the things to be used with it. Be careful to make everything exactly the way I showed you on the mountain.

Oil for the Golden lampstand (Exodus 27:20)

“Command the Israelites to bring their best olive oil for the lamp that must be lit each evening. As this lamp is the first room of the meeting tent, outside the curtain for the room where agreement is.

Aaron will continue the law (Exodus 27:20, 21) (Leviticus 24:1-4)

  • Aaron (the Levite) and his sons will make sure this lamp is burning before the Lord every day from evening until morning. For Israelites and their descendants must obey this law forever.
  • “The lord said to Moses, “Command the Israelites to bring to you pure oil crushed olives. That oil is for the lamps that must burn without stopping. Aaron will keep the light burning in the meeting tent before the Lord from evening until the morning. This light will be outside the curtain that hangs in front of the box that holds the agreement. This law will continue forever. And Aaron must always keep the lamps burning on the lampstand of pure gold before the Lord.” And even today Aaron’s children do this service by putting the oil in The Golden Lampstand.

Meaning of Lampstand?

  • Here an angel who was talking with Zechariah he woke him. And asked Zechariah what do you see? Then Zechariah replied “I see a solid golden lampstand. There are seven lamps on the lampstand, and there is a bowl on the top of it. There are seven tubes coming from the bowl. One tube does go to each lamp. Theses tubes bring the oil in the bowl to each of the lamps.” And “People will not be ashamed of the small beginnings, as they will be very happy when they see Zerubbabel with a plumb line, measuring and checking the finished building. Now, the seven sides of the stone you see represents the eyes of the Lord looking in every direction and see everything on earth.”

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