The Sixth Commandment in the Bible

The Sixth Commandment in the Bible

(KJV) Thou Shalt not Kill.

This is the sixth commandment in the bible. Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13) “You must not kill anyone.” and (Deuteronomy 5:17) also says the same thing. In bible
(Matthew 5:21) “You have heard that it was said to our people long ago, ‘You must not murder anyone. Because the person who commits murder will be judged.
(Mark 10:19) “And you know his commands: you must not murder, you must not commit adultery, also you must not steal, you must not lie, you must not cheat, and you must respect your father and mother.” And the things are written in (Luke 18:20)
(Romans 13:9) “The laws says, you must not commit any kind of adultery, you must not murder anyone, you must not steal, and you must not want what belongs to someone else (another person).”
(James 2:11) “God said, don’t commit adultery. And the same God also said, “Don’t kill. So if you don’t commit adultery, but you only kill someone, you are guilty of breaking all of God’s law.”

sixth commandment
First murder in bible

  • (Genesis 4:8) Cain killed Abel.
  • (Genesis 9:6) states that “God made humans be like himself. So whoever kills a person must be put death.”

    Punishment for Killing is Must

  • (Exodus 21:20) “Sometimes people beat up their slaves. If the slave dies after being beaten, the killer of the Slave must be punished.”
    (Leviticus 24:17-21) “And whoever kills any person must be put to the death. Whoever kills an animal that belongs to another person must give that person (whose animal is being killed) another animal to take its place. And whoever causes an injury to their neighbor must be given the same kind of injury. A broken bone for a broken bone, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Same kind of injury a person gives another person must be given the same. Whoever kills an animal must pay for the same animal. But the one kills another person must be put to death.”