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Vision according to the Bible is the gift given by God to his children. Vision is the explanation or image of the things going to take place before actually; it is going to happen.

Vision can be of two types

  1. First when we pray, and our prayers are answered instantly.
  2. Second, when we sleep means through dreams.

 (Job 33:15) “He (God) may speak in a dream, or in a vision in the night. when the people are in their deep sleep lying in their beds.”

In the Bible, there are so many people to whom God talks through the vision. God has spoken to the humans through the visions in Old Testaments as well as New Testaments.

Vision in Old Testament

  1. Abraham – (Genesis 15:1) “After all these things had happened, the word of the Lord God Almighty came to Abraham in a vision. God said to, “Abram (Abraham), don’t be afraid. I will defend you and give you a greater reward.”
  2. Balaam – (Numbers 24:4, 16) “These are the words I heard I see clearly. I saw what God who is All-powerful showed me. I humbly told what I clearly saw.” “I heard this message from God. I learned what God Most high taught me. I saw what God All-Powerful showed me. And humbly tell what I clearly see.”
  3. Samuel – (1 Samuel 3:15) “Samuel lay down in bed until the morning came. He got up early (dawn) and opened the doors of the Lord’s house. Samuel was afraid to tell Eli (Levite) about the vision.”
  4. Isaiah – (Isaiah 1:1) “This is the vision of Isaiah, son of Amoz. And God showed Isaiah what is going to happen to Judah and Jerusalem. As Isaiah saw all this during the time when Ahaz, Uzziah, Hezekiah, and Jotham were kings of Judah.”
  5. Daniel – (Daniel 7:2; 8:1-27; 9:21-24; 10:1-16; 11:14) “Daniel said, “I saw my vision in the night. In the vision, the wind was blowing from all four of the directions. And these winds made the sea rough.”
  6. Obadiah – (Obadiah 1) “This is the vision of the Obadiah. This is what Lord God Almighty says about Edom: we heard a report from the Lord. A messenger was sent to the different nations. He said, “Let’s fight against Edom.”
  7. Nahum – (Nahum 1:1) “This book is the vision of Nahum from Elkosh. This is a sad message about the city of Nineveh.”
  8. Habakkuk – (Habakkuk 2:2-3) “This message is about a particular time in the future. This message is about the end time, and it is surely going to come true. So, just be patient and wait for it. And that time will come; it will not be late.”
  9. Ezekiel – (Ezekiel 1:1; 8:3; 40:2; 43:2, 3) “I am the priest, Ezekiel, son of Buzzi. I was in Exile by the kebar canal in the Babylonia when skies opened up, and I saw the visions of God. This was on the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirtieth year.” “Then I saw something that looked like an arm. That arm reached out and grabbed me by the hair on my head. Then the Spirit of the Lord lifted me into the air, and in God’s vision, he took me to the city of Jerusalem. He took me to the inner gate- the gate that is on the north side.” “In a vision, God carried me to the land of Israel. Then, He put me down near a high mountain. On the mountain in front of me was a building that looked like a city.” “There the Glory of God of Israel came from the east side. God’s voice was loud as the sound of the sea. The ground was bright with light from the Glory of God. The vision that I saw was like the vision I saw by the Keber canal. So, I bowed with my face to the ground.”

Vision in New Testament

  1. Peter, James and John – (Matthew 17:9) “As Jesus and the followers were coming down the mountain; he gave them the command: “Don’t tell anyone about what you saw on the mountain. Wait until for the son of the Man has been raised from the death. Then you can tell the people about what you saw.”
  2. Zechariah – (Luke 1:22) “Then Zechariah came outside, but he did not speak to them. So the people knew that he had seen the vision inside the temple. He was unable to talk so he could only make signs to the people.”
  3. Women – (Luke 24:23) “But they did not find his body there. They came and told us that, they had seen more angels in a vision. The angels told them that Jesus was alive.”
  4. Ananias(Acts 9:10) “There was a follower of Jesus in Damascus named Ananias. In a vision, the Lord God said to him, “Ananias.”
  5. Paul – (Acts 9:12; 16:9-10; 18:9) “He has seen a vision in which a man named Ananias came and laid his hands on him so that he could see again”. “That night Paul saw a vision. In it, a man from Macedonia came to the Paul. The man stood there and begged him, “Came across to Macedonia and helped us.” “After Paul had a vision, we instantly prepared to leave for Macedonia. We understood that God had called to tell the Good News to those people”. “During the night, Paul had a vision. The Lord said to Paul, “Don’t be afraid and never stop talking with the people.”
  1. Cornelius – (Acts 10:3) “One afternoon about three o’clock, Cornelius saw a vision. And He clearly saw an angel of God coming to him and saying, “Cornelius.”
  2. Peter – (Acts 10:10-19; 11:5) “He was hungry and wanted to eat. But as they were preparing the food for Peter to eat, he had a vision.” “He said, “I was in the city of Joppa. While I was praying, I had a vision. I saw something coming down from heaven. It looked like a big sheet being lowered to the ground by its four corners. It came down close to me.”
  1. John – (Revelation 9:17) “In my vision, what I saw were horses and riders were on the horses. They looked almost like this: they had breastplates that were dark blue, fiery red and yellow as sulfur. The heads of horses looked like the heads of lions. The horses had a smoke, fire, and sulfur coming out of their mouths.”

What God Promises

Bible says in (Joel 3:28 and Acts 2:17) says “After this, I will pour out my Holy Spirit on all kinds of people. Your sons and your daughters will do prophesy, your old men will have the dreams, and your young men will see visions.” Means first only prophets or only a few people see visions who were very spiritual. And only Israelis have this gift none other person have.  But afterward, our God gave this promise he will pour out his spirit all kinds of people. And Today Gentiles also have gifts of God, and today everyone is seeing visions and dreams which help them to do God’s work.

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