Book of James

Book of James

James, Jesus’ half brother wrote this book. The original language was Greek. It is found to be written in AD 45-48 in Jerusalem. Christian Perfection is the Goal: During difficult times, in the midst of famine, poverty, persecution; James encouraged the church for Christian Perfection.

Lessons we can learn from book of James

  1. Trials & Patience: James tells us that when we face the trials, with faith, joy and patience, leads to perfection.
  2. Birth-Growth-Blessings with Implanted Word: James tells us to hear and receive the implanted Word of God which can save us. Receiving the word of God as beholding in mirror to correct us. James 1:21 Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.
  3. Perfect Law of Liberty: James tells us to Love God and to love other people also. To freely give what we freely received, i.e.  love, mercy, New Testament freedom.
  4. Genuine Faith & Dead Faith: James tells us that by faith we are saved by grace of God, and now with love of God, bring forth good fruits, obedience to God, spreading the Gospel and good works.
  5. Right Approach to Material Things: James tells us that all the material things are temporary and will soon gone away. It should not be something we should put our trust in or boast about, but our trust should be in God. As tenants, we should use all these things for extension of God’s Kingdom.
  6. Power of Words: James tells us about the words we speak. He encourages us to be slow to speak, speak without hypocrisy, speak with humility, speak with accountability, speak encouragement, and speak with wisdom from above.
  7. An overcoming Christian Life: James tells us that by the Grace of God we can overcome sin. God resists to proud but gives grace to the humble.
  8. An Impactful Christian Life with Wisdom and Prayer: James tells us to seek for the wisdom from above and pray earnestly with faith, according to Word of God. He also tells us to pray for each other and bringing back people to Christ.

Below is the bible study playlist for the book of James

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