The Church of Living God, New Delhi

Our Sunday services take place in the morning in Dwarka, Gurugram and evening in Palam, Salapur. The church believes in spreading the gospel to as many people as possible so that they can be saved and reach eternal life.

Contact (email): [email protected]

Meeting Timings

Normal days (Not occurring for now due to Lock down)

Sunday 9:30 am to 1 pm
Wednesday 7:30 pm  to 9 pm
Thursday 7:30  pm to 9 pm
Saturday 7:30  pm to 9 pm

Every 2nd Saturday – night prayer, 2nd Sunday – Lord’s Supper

Zoom Meetings

On normal days

  • Morning Intercessory Prayers – 10 to 11 am
  • Evening Meeting – 8 to 9 pm

On Sundays

  • Morning service – 9:30 to 12 pm

Sunday School

  • Sunday – 8 to 9 pm
  • Topics – Luke 18 to 21, Memorise Psalms 103:6-10

Zoom Meetings Recordings

These are recorded messages of the zoom meetings.

Message on  03/04/2020 by Pr.Rajkumar

Message on 09/04/2020 by Pr.Mathew Thomas

Message on 10/04/2020 by Br.Vinod Venkataraman & Sis.Anitha

Message on 11/04/2020 by Br Santosh Thomas

Message on 14/04/2020 by Br. Sam Philip

Message on 15/04/2020 by Br.James David

Message on 16/04/2020 by Br.Moncy Thankachan

Message on 17/04/2020 by Br. Vicky Nirmal

Message on 18/04/2020 by Br.Deepak Gade

Message on 19/04/2020 by Br.Mathew Thomas’Aji’

Message on 20/04/2020 by Br.Eby Mathew(Goa)

Message on 21/04/2020 by Br.Anugrah George James

Message on 22/04/2020 by Ps.Saji Mathew

Message on 23/04/2020 by Br.Socorro

Message on 24/04/2020 by Br.James George

Message on 25/04/2020 by Br.Samuel Anthrayose

Message on 26/04/2020 by Br.Cherian Mathew

Message on 28/04/2020 by Br.Raju George

Message on 29/04/2020 by Br.Joshua Thomas

Message on 30/04/2020 by Ps.Sharon

Message on 01/05/2020 by Br.Benson George

Message on 02/05/2020 by Br.Sanu Mathew

Message on 04/05/2020 by Pr.Rajkumar

Message on 04/05/2020 by Pr.Rajkumar

Message on 05/05/2020 by Pr.Joseph George

Message on 06/05/2020 by Br.Samuel Anthrayose

Message on 07/05/2020 by Prof.Zachariah Mathew

Message on 09/05/2020 by Pr.Sharon Chandy

Message on 10/05/2020 by Br. Mathew Thomas

Message on 11/05/2020 by Br. Zakaria Vargis John

Message on 13/05/2020 by Dr.Abraham Kurien

Message on 14/05/2020 by Br.Sam Philip

Message on 15/05/2020 by Pr.Bijo Joseph

Message on 16/05/2020 by Br. Samuel Anthrayose

Message on 17/05/2020 by Br. Cherian Mathew

Message on 22/05/2020 by Dr. James George

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