The First Commandment in the Bible
the first commandment

The First Commandment in the Bible

This is the first commandment in the bible which God himself gave to the people of Israel, In Exodus chapter 20. (Isaiah 42:8) “I am YAHWEH. And that is my name. And I will not let give my glory to another. I will not let statue take the praise that should be mine.

What The First commandment teaches us?

The First commandment teaches us to Worship the Lord. You can find all the verse from Bible

(Kjv) Thou shalt have no other Gods before me

• (In Exodus 32:8) “Don’t worship any other God. I am YAHWEH KANAH– the jealous Lord. I hate for my people to worship other gods.
• (Deuteronomy 5:7) “You must not worship another god (demi-Gods or idols) but except me.”
• (Deuteronomy 6:14, 15) “And you must not follow any other gods. You must not follow the other gods, the people who live around you. The Lord your God is always with you, and he hates his people when they worship the other gods! So if you follow the other gods, the Lord will become very angry with you (Israel). He will destroy you from the image of the earth.”
• (Joshua 24:19, 20) “Then Joshua said, “You won’t be able to continue to serve the Lord God Almighty. God is holy. And God hates his people worshipping other gods. He (GOD) will not forgive you if you turn against him like that. If you leave the Lord and serve other gods, God will cause terrible things to happen to you. He will destroy you. Because he has been good to you, but if you turn against him he will destroy you.”
• (2 kings 17:35) “The Lord did an agreement with the people of Israelites. In the first commandment, The Lord commanded them, you must not honor other gods except me. You must not worship them or serve them or offer sacrifices to them.”
• (Psalm 81:9) “Do not worship the false gods that other people (foreigners) worship.”
• (Jeremiah 25:6) “Don’t follow other gods (foreign Gods). Don’t even serve or worship them. Don’t worship idols that any human has made. That only makes me angry with you. And by doing this, you only hurt yourselves.”
• (Jeremiah 35:15) “I sent my servant-prophets to you, for the people of Israel and Judah. I sent them to you again & again. They said, “You each must not do evil things and do right what is righteous. Don’t follow other gods. Don’t worship or serve them. For if you obey me, you will live in the land I have given to you (Israel) and your ancestors.” But have you not paid attention to my message.”
• (Hosea 13:4) “I have been the Lord your God Almighty since the time you were in the land of Egypt. You were not knowing any other god except me. I am the one who saved you.”

the first commandment