Questions that Every Bible Reader have?

If you are reading Bible Daily, then that is for sure that you have different unanswered questions in your mind. Today I am going to share a list of Questions that most of the bible readers have.

It has been years that I am reading the Bible, but I still have unanswered questions in my mind which are either Doubtful or completely goes over the mind.

So, Here is the List of Questions that Every Bible reader have in their mind.

  1. Is Bible the Word of God?

  2. Why Is Satan working against the Will of God?

  3. Is God a Spirit?

  4. What is Image of God?

  5. Who was Cain’s Wife?

  6. Why is the word Nephilim mentioned only once in the Bible?

  7. Why God destroyed the whole earth including the humans, animals and other creatures that were on Earth in the days of Noah?

  8. Why God created the humans in own Image?

  9. Why Lucifer rebelled against the God?

  10. How Can Jesus Be more than a Prophet?

  11. Why are Humans the temple of God in the New Testament?

  12. Why Jesus lived on Earth for 40 days with his glorified body?

  13. Why Bible endorse Two books, namely Book of Jasher and Book of Enoch?

  14. Who will be the Two Witness?

  15. What are Angels?

  16. Why some Angels rebelled against he God?

  17. Is it compulsory to be Baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?

  18. Why is the word “Trinity” not in the Bible?

  19. Is there eternal life after death?
  20. Why don’t Spirits Die or eliminated?

Finally, What I want to say.

There may be many more questions which are not in my mind. But you can share your questions in the comments below and our team will try to get back with the answers as soon as possible. And we will also add that Question of yours to this list

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