Why not run behind wealth instead of Eternal Life?

Everyone in the world wants Wealth and Fame, if we see in the bible

Top 5 Online Bible reading sites and free apps

There are many Sites available over the internet, where you can not only read

Jewish Festivals in the bible

There are seven Jewish festivals or the festivals of the Jehovah in the Bible.

Sabbath for Hebrew is Shabbath

Sabbath for Hebrew is Shabbath which means intermission or cessation from work. Sabbath means

The Golden Lampstand in Bible

The Lampstand is used to give light in the dark. But the Golden lampstand


Vision according to the bible is the gift given by God to his children.

How to Break Curse from our lives

The Curse is the Solemn invocation of divine wrath on a person or thing.

The Two Witness in the Bible

The two witness in the bible is only for Jews not for the Gentiles.

Milk and Meat teaching in the bible

Milk and meat don’t mean that we are talking about eating something. In the bible

Women Prophets in the Bible

Women had always played an important role in the history of human kind, starting