Similarities between Angels and Titans
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Similarities between Angels and Titans

angels and titans

Well, we want to tell you that Angels are Titans because the Bible does prove that. These are the similarities between Angels and Titans who rebelled against God, from this we know they are one to whom God created for worship him, not to be worshiped but they rebelled, and they wanted to be higher than God. So they came to the earth and started what they liked. But God did not take the powers which he gave to them as other Angels had. These Titans and Angels are also known as the Sons of the God in the Genesis chapter 6. the angels with the God are obedient to him, so they don’t do any sin and live in holiness. But the other angels did sin against God. And they used those powers on earth which made humans afraid, and humans thought they were the Gods, so they start worshipping them.

Similarities For Angels and Titans

  1. They both have the different realm of a body which is not visible to human beings, but they can show us their presence or make their body visible to humans if they want. (Numbers 22:22-35)
  2. Are mighty in strength.
  3. They both married the daughters of man in the old testaments. (Genesis 6:4; Jude 1:6-7)
  4. They both need no rest. (Revelation 4:8)
  5. They can eat food or live without food. (Genesis 18:8; 19:3; Psalms 78:25)
  6. The Angels and Titans can ascend or descend from Heaven. (Genesis 28:12; John1:51)
  7. They are both powerful and mighty in the body. (Isaiah 37:36; 2 Thessalonians 1- 10; Revelation 18:1)
  8. Both are immortal. (Luke 20:36)
  9. They are limited in knowledge. (Mark 13:32)
  10. They are higher than man but not unique. (Psalm 8:5)
  11. They have the ability to speak in different languages. (1 Corinthians 13:1)
  12. They can travel at an inconceivable speed. (Ezra 1; Revelation 8:13; 9:1)
  13. They can do anything that man can and can’t.
  14. They are the fallen angels and the angels who did not keep their position. (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6-7; Revelation 9:11,14; 11:7; 17:8)
  15. They will fight against Christ at Armageddon. (Isaiah 24:21-23; 25:7; Revelation 12:7-9)
  16. For these angels who are fallen and did not keep their position, hell is prepared for them (Isaiah 24: 21-23).
  17. Cherubs have four faces, and if we see, some Titans also have multiple four faces (Ezekiel 1:5).
  18. They want human beings to worship them (Isiah 14:12-14).
  19. They can transform their body into human beings (Genesis 18:2, 19:1).

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