Who was Cain’s wife?
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Who was Cain’s wife?

Who was Cain’s wife

The people have made this a big issue. Although, it is not clear in the Bible that Who was Cain’s wife or who did Cain married?

Many Bible scholar has different theologies. And everyone tries to solve it, thinks according to his or her own intelligence.

But the only thing that we need to understand is that what the Bible says.

Does the Bible say that Cain was married his own Sister?

Does he marry a woman who was a Pre-adamite?


Does Cain marry the daughters of his brothers?

Although, the Bible does not give us proof to any of the above questions. But there are no restrictions set to share our View or opinion about it.

First of all, let me share with you what other Bible scholars think about it.

What other Bible Scholars say that “Who was Cain’s wife”?

  1. Some say that he married a pre-adamite woman because they think that how can there be a city in the east of the Eden garden when there were only three humans on the earth (namely Cain, Adam and Eve). So, They think that a race of pre-adamite humans was living on the land at that time and Cain married a pre-adamite Woman.
  2. The second opinion of the many Bible Scholars is that Cain married one of his sister (born from Adam) or Cain married to his niece (means the daughter of Seth or one of his Brother.
  3. I have also been reading the Dake Anointed reference Bible (which Many Bible scholars think to be one of the finest revised Bible with concordance). According to the Dake Bible, there were about half of the Million living on the Earth when Cain was sent to the Nod city which was in the east of the garden of Eden (Genesis 5:4)
  4. And if we read the Book of Jubilees which is not a part of the Bible (the book is part of the Judaism) which claims that Cain was married to his own sister whose name was Awan (Cain and Abel (iv. 1-12; cf. Gen. iv.)). I think that reading the book of Jubilees will give you a better understanding.
  5. Some people say that Cain was the son of Satan When the serpent deceived Eve. She had a sexual relationship with him, and Cain was the son of Satan. (Which I do not Believe at all and writing it in this post because I heard this from some of the Bible Scholars). Although, this doesn’t clear that Whom did Cain married And is also related to the theology of Sons of God in (Genesis 6:4).

What I believe that “Who was Cain’s Wife”?

I know that my belief doesn’t matter a lot. But I have to come to a conclusion that who did Cain marry.

Probably there are more chances that Cain married one of his sisters, And if the book of Jubilees is a part of History, then it can be True.

Even if we go according to the Bible, Then even Cain married his sister because the Bible tells about the genealogy of men, not of the Woman. And it is possible that Girls were born before or after the Cain and Abel which the Bible doesn’t state. So, We can only Assume that Cain married One of his Sister.

And Even the law to not t get married to a close relative was given to the people at the time of Moses; You can find the Same verse (Leviticus 18:6-18) Which States that. The verse also proves that people were marrying their own Brothers and Sisters or close relatives at that time because the law was given to Moses after decades of time.

I would also love to know your opinion through your comments.

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  • Shruti December 31, 2017

    I am putting that same questions in chruch with my opinion..nd yaa that’s i think true according to Bible.The law was given to Human in the time of moses nd in the time of Adam nd eve any law was not established..cain married to his sister or his niece may be….

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