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Jesus is more than a Prophet

Jesus is a prophet for Jews, but Jesus is not a prophet for world or Christians. If we go according to the Bible than many have called Jesus a prophet that is because the Bible was written for Jews and they believe in one God. In the New Testament (Acts 3:22-23) “Moses said that to […]

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Christ the new Adam

Well, we all know about the Adam, the first person on earth to whom God created with his hands and in his own image. The word “Adam” is a Hebrew word translated as Man and the word “Adam” occurs 560 times in the bible. In (Luke 3:38) it’s written that Adam was the son of […]

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Is there Eternal life after death ?

Many people mostly get confused about eternal life after death, but the truth is there is eternal life after death. So this is the small effort of mine to explain that “is there eternal life after death?”. What does the Bible say about eternal life after death? Eternal life always means existing, without an end […]

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Similarities between Angels and Titans

Well, we want to tell you that Angels are Titans because the Bible does prove that. These are the similarities between Angels and Titans who rebelled against God, from this we know they are one to whom God created for worship him, not to be worshiped but they rebelled, and they wanted to be higher […]

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Titans According to the Bible

The Titans are the beings with very great strength and powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden age. They are like humans, who can think and understand everything and can do whatever humans can, but they are mighty in strength and possess some special powers. The Titans were created by God. These Titans are […]

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What are Angels?

You must have given a thought about, do Angles really exist? If they exist then what are Angels and how do they look and where they are? Or What is their work?  Angels according to the Bible are the messenger of God or attendants. The word ‘’Angel’’ comes from the Greek word ‘Aggelos’ which does […]

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